Holiday Sugar Globes

Holiday Sugar Globes

We’ve made it easy to capture the magic of holiday cookies with this do-it-yourself Sugar Globe tutorial – a fun twist on a Snow Globe, featuring your favorite Walkers Shortbread cookies! Whether you’re making a sweet gift for someone you love, embarking on a project with the (grand)kids, or crafting a fun centerpiece to add to your festive decor, we hope these tips will inspire you to find joy in the little things at home and enjoy a lot of cookies along the way!

What You’ll Need

Walkers Festive Shapes Cookies

Small lid glass jar with a top handle

Granulated sugar

Plaid ribbon




If decorating your cookies, try this easy-to-make recipe for easy royal icing

Now that you’ve made your decorative icing and gathered your ingredients, it’s time to get started!

How to Make a Sugar Globe

1.Carefully fill the bottom 1-2 inches of your glass jar with sugar.

2.Select your favorite combination of cookies from Walkers Festive Shapes Assortment Pack. Santas, Bells, Trees, and Stars – the choice is yours!

3.Decorate your shortbread cookies with icing. Add sprinkles, if desired.

4.Let sit until dry.

5.Place your decorated cookies inside the jar. Gently wedge each cookie upright into the granulated sugar, facing the front of the jar.

6.Cut your ribbon and make a bow. Tie it around the top handle of the lid.

7.Place the lid on the jar and, voila!

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