Entertaining With Oat Crackers

bite size crackersWhen entertaining, impress guests by creating platters with Walkers’ versatile Oat Crackers, the ideal base for any accoutrement. The crunchy texture and wholesome balanced crackers allow the paired flavor to stand out, plus they are equally pleasing as part of savory canapés or striking sweets. These Scottish crackers, especially the smaller sized Mini Oat Crackers, are ideal for hosts seeking low maintenance bite-sized fare. The Oat Crackers are easy to serve and you will not have to be concerned with keeping Sternos lit and warming food platters, allowing you to devote your time personally to guests.

smoked salmon appetizerEncourage your guests to socialize by attracting them to spaces with the food and drink set up. Imaginative food displays entice conversations and draw folks together. Walkers Oat Crackers pair well with Baked Brie and Colorful Roasted Vegetables. The herbs and spices on the roasted vegetables blend with the creamy soft brie, and the oat cracker adds a satisfying crunch. Serve the Oat Crackers topped with smooth crème fraiche or sour cream with smoked salmon for both flavor and ease. The crackers make the pink of the smoked salmon pop.

baked briePlatters of canapés can tie into seasonal produce or festive themes. Show off your green thumb when you use the basil you grew in your garden with our recipe for Caramelized Onion and Basil-Infused Goat Cheese Crackers. This light bite packs layers of flavors—and the golden onions and cheese pairing are perfect for vegetarian guests. For holiday entertaining, support the warm cheerful mood by topping baked brie with spiced pecans and plum preserves. Before topping the preserves on the cracker, the pecans are sprinkled and roasted with brown sugar, rosemary, coriander and a few other spices.

To satisfy the varying tastes of your guests, create a dessert display of assorted sweets to offer everyone an appetizing option. Dress up oat crackers with a few modest toppings. Melt chocolate with a small amount of butter to make a ganache, then drizzle over oat crackers—pair some with a salted caramel or Nutella drizzle. On other crackers, a dollop of lemon curd and dusting of powdered sugar will appeal to guests who love citrus delights.

Not only are they an easy, delicious cracker to serve your guest, they are also nourishing. Like all of Walkers’ products, these crackers contain no genetically modified ingredients or artificial flavors or colors. Oat crackers are a more nutritional alternative than refined crackers on the market, and the fiber from the fine oats is also filling.

Hosts love to serve memorable food, but it’s also rewarding to be known as a creative entertainer. Keep your guests guessing and pleasantly surprised with your own signature fare.