Celebrate National Golf Month

The sport of golf originated in Scotland, home to Walkers Shortbread as well.  August is celebrated by golf fans in the United States as National Golf Month!

The game as we know it today was first documented on the East coast of Scotland in the 15th century. Players used sticks or clubs to push pebbles around obstacles such as sand dunes and rabbit runs. Golf was heavily influenced by two games from Holland and Belgium, respectively Kloven and Chloe, but only the Scottish pastime required the player shoot their ball into a hole in the ground.  It is believed that the word “golf” is a Scottish derivation of “kloven” which means club or bat in Dutch.

Golf grew so much in popularity in Scotland that it was banned in 1457, 1470 and again in 1491, as it distracted soldiers from military pursuits, such as archery. However, the population widely ignored the bans and it was officially lifted in 1504.

The sport spread quickly through Europe in the 16th century. King Charles I brought the game to England, while Mary Queen of Scots, introduced the game in France while she was a student there. In fact, the term “caddie”, a person who carries the player’s bag, comes from her helpers, who were cadets in the French Military. Golf was eventually brought to America and other colonies by the British Empire in the 18th century.

Proper golf balls and clubs as we know them today did not become popular until the 18th century. Early clubs were made from wood and every ball and club was handcrafted. The more sophisticated equipment made golf a more exclusive game, only accessible to those who could afford it. But in the 19th century, metal club heads and shafts, as we know them today, were produced and made more widely available. With more people able to play, golf grew in popularity throughout the 20th century.

Today, golf is a professional sport, played in the Summer Olympics, with celebrity golfers, like Tiger Woods, making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. However, no matter where golf is enjoyed by professionals or amateurs, its roots and history remain in Scotland, just like our cookies!

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