Celebrate 120 Years Of Walkers Shortbread

The story of behind the making of the World’s Finest Shortbread begins all the way back to 1898. Today, we invite you to learn the Walkers Story – one as rich as the shortbread we produce!

Joseph Walker started his bakery with just a £50 loan from the bank and the desire to make the perfect shortbread cookie. By the 1930’s his cookies were so popular that his sons, James and Joseph, joined the company to help out, bringing with them new ideas for the growing family business. Three generations later, we remain dedicated to the quality of our products.

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120 years after the first bakery doors opened, the shortbread continues to be made in the small village of Abelour, Scotland.  The Walker family has stayed committed to quality ingredients and forming good relationships with the companies and families we work with around the world. 

We believe our widespread success is due to that commitment and by representing the essence of Scottish culture through our products. 

Thank you for your support for our family-run business and cheers to the next 120 years!