5 Games That Will Amp Up Your Christmas Party

Holidays are in full swing!  Time to plan your party and we’re helping with the games.  Everyone is sure to love these 5 games and this year’s party is destined to be even more fun and memorable.

1. Christmas Photo Booth

Everyone loves to snap selfies at holiday parties. Why not help your guests step up their Instagram game with a Christmas Photo Booth? Hang Christmas wrapping paper on the wall for the photo background and have these Christmas photo booth props. Get everyone over to the booth and start snapping those pics! For extra fun, create a hashtag for everyone to use when they post their photos.

2. Christmas Bingo

Get rid of those cheesy ice breaker games and start your party off with Christmas Bingo. Download your playing boards and cards here or create your own. Add a little Scottish flair to the game and use Walkers Mini Shortbread Rounds as markers for a fun and delicious twist!

3. Saran Wrap Game

The Saran Wrap Game is an exciting, laughter-filled game anyone can enjoy. You will need a LOT of saran wrap plus small gift items of various values such as gift cards, cash, gum and of course, Walkers snack packs. After wrapping them up in Saran Wrap, have your guests sit in a circle and pass the saran wrapped bowl of goodies.  You get to keep what you unwrap in your allotted time and then you have to pass the ball to the person next to you.

4. Snowman Bowling

Keep the party going with Snowman Bowling! Decorate some old tissue boxes and stack them up to look like a Snowman.  Using any ball you have lying around the house, take aim to knock the snowman down. It’s a unique and silly game that your guests will remember but costs you almost nothing to put together. Score!

5. Reindeer Toss

Here is another easy and memorable game for your friends and family to enjoy with a fun, adult twist! In Reindeer Ring Toss, line up a variety of bottled beers (or sodas if you prefer) decorated to look like reindeer using felt, googly eyes and pipe cleaners. Then have your guests toss rings at the ‘reindeer’. If they land one, they can celebrate with a beer.

What are some of your favorite Christmas Party games and traditions?  Share with us on Twitter and Facebook!