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4 After-School Snack Ideas

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4 After-School Snack Ideas

Try these After-school snacks for your kids!

Easy snacks for the kids to enjoy after school and keep their energy levels up.

Kids’ after-school activities keep them (and you) busy. Running around for theater rehearsals, sports practices and games, tutoring, or play dates with friends, you are always looking for easy snacks for them to enjoy after school and keep their energy levels up. According to KidsHealth, snacks not only help satiate kids and provide energy between meals, they can also help prevent cranky behavior. Avoid “hangry” kids and refuel them for after-school fun with a different snack every day of the school week:


  1. Peanut butter and jelly Mini Shortbread sandwiches. While a traditional sandwich may be too filling for an after-school snack, Walkers Shortbread Mini Cookies serve as a prime hand-held substitute. You can feel good giving the kids Walkers Shortbread knowing it’s made with only four simple ingredients, no preservatives, and no GMO ingredients. Another benefit of a PB&J shortbread sandwich: parents can make a batch ahead and store them in the freezer!
  2. Mini hummus buffet. Parents looking for another no-fuss snack combo can rely on Walkers Mini Oat Crackers, a handful of carrot sticks, and a pack of hummus. Not only will kids get protein, but veggies too.
  3. Trail mix. Sugar Bean Bakers, a Walkers Blogger Ambassador, developed this simple four-ingredient Back-to-School Trail Mix. The raisins provide natural sweetness and fiber, and the Cheerios offer whole grains. The recipe calls for Walkers Chocolate Chip Mini Shortbread Cookies, but add any of our mini cookies that suit your child’s taste.
  4. Combo day. Pick two of the snack options above for double the variety. Perfect for a day when a child has a long after-school commitment, or they are spending time with friends and want to share.


As planning for the new school year starts to take priority, check our post about packing natural back-to-school lunch snacks. The food choices kids are offered today help shape their palates for the rest of their lives. Focus on a healthy variety throughout the school year so kids will be more inclined to make positive food choices for many years to come. Share these snack ideas with other parents and start packing!

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