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A Decadent Winter ‘Swally’ — Scottish Coffee with Walkers Shortbread

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A Decadent Winter ‘Swally’ — Scottish Coffee with Walkers Shortbread

Create your own Scottish Coffee

Come along as we construct the most deliciously decadent Scottish Coffee.

The Scots are known to love a good ‘swally’ — or alcoholic beverage — and specifically whisky. The magical marriage of coffee and whisky has become so popular among people in Scotland, in fact, that budding “Whisky and Coffee Sensory Adventure Classes” are popping up in the country along with rumors of a Scottish Coffee trail.

So, what happens when the bright and beverage-minded Scots blend their love of coffee with their love of cocktails? Why, the Scottish Coffee, of course!

If a Scottish Coffee, a twist on the popular Irish Coffee crafted with Scottish whisky instead of Irish whiskey, sounds like the perfect kind of treat to wet your whistle, come along as we construct the most deliciously decadent Scottish Coffee.


How to Make Your Scottish Coffee

To create your own Scottish Coffee, you’ll need coffee, good Scotch whisky, and a hefty dollop of whipped cream. Once your coffee is brewed, simply pour it into an 8-ounce mug, stir in an ounce and a half of Scotch whisky, and top with a tablespoon or two of whipped cream. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy. Note: This treat is meant to be served hot.


Make an Extra Delicious Scottish Coffee

A simple Scottish coffee is easy to make and easy to drink. Follow these tips to make your tipple extra delicious.

Use Fresh Whipped Cream

There’s nothing quite like the taste and texture of a fresh batch of whipped cream atop your Scottish Coffee. Check out this recipe for Perfect Whipped Cream, which also offers some fun flavored variations.

Incorporate Scottish Coffee Brands

Add a Scottish authenticity by incorporating some of Scotland’s coffee revolution into your cup. Check out these top Scottish coffee brands as suggested by The Scots Magazine and Scotsman Food & Drink. Depending on where you are in the world, you can have these high-quality Scottish coffee brands shipped straight to your door.

Use a French Press

A French press, as opposed to a regular drip coffee maker, does not remove the natural oils from the coffee beans. This packs your cup with flavor and makes the French press an ideal vessel for coffee cocktail creating. Put some coarse ground Scottish coffee beans in your press, followed by boiling filtered water, and you’ll have the start of a robust and wondrous Scottish Coffee.

Top with a Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Finger

It almost goes without saying, but we like to think that just about everything is better with a Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Finger on top. Add some buttery sweetness — and an additional Scottish flair — using our cookies as cocktail toppers. When the moment calls, simply dip, eat, drink, and repeat! So that you’re aptly prepared, you’ll want to make sure you have backup cookies on the side as well.

Serve in a Tartan Mug

The plaid design of tartan is an ode to all things Scotland, so it’s only suitable that your Scottish Coffee be served in a tartan mug. Whether you’re enjoying your cozy beverage with family, friends, or your sweetheart — a tartan mug makes the event both fancy and traditional. Our red tartan Scottish coffee mugs are the perfect complement to your coffee.

Whatever mug you use or bean you choose, the best thing about a piping hot mug of Scottish Coffee is it can be enjoyed any time of day. Some situations call for an early swally — while others save space for an after-dinner delight. For those who aren’t caffeine drinkers or simply don’t prefer caffeine in the evening, use decaf! Decaffeinated beans will give your Scottish Coffee that same tasty flavor — without those post beverage jitters.

Whether you’re enjoying your Scottish Coffee in the afternoon or evening, we hope it makes your festivities extra fun this Winter. What’s better than a chilly winter day paired with a deliciously warm beverage and a Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Finger or two?

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