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5 Things To Bring On A Spring Picnic

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5 Things To Bring On A Spring Picnic

Create the perfect picnic this Spring with these 5 ideas!

Planning a day with your friends and family to head outdoors, here are some Spring picnic ideas for the perfect picnic.

With the weather finally starting to turn for the better, this is a great time to have a Spring Picnic. Plan a day with your friends and family to head to your local park for a great meal outdoors. Here are a few essentials for the perfect picnic:


1. A Blanket

Make sure the blanket is large enough for your whole party to sit on and thick enough to be comfortable. This probably isn’t the best time to bring out the blanket your grandmother knitted either. Expect this blanket to get dirt, bugs, food and drinks on it before you leave. Here are 10 of the best picnic blankets you can buy. If you’re not a fan of sitting on the ground, remember to bring a tablecloth to use on your park’s picnic table.


2. Bug Repellant

A bug infested picnic is not a fun picnic, so don’t forget to bring some bug repellant. Keep ants, mosquitoes, flies and other creepy crawlies away from your meal so you and your guests can stay happy and your food can stay delicious. You can use classic bug spray or ultrasonic repellent devices, but if you’re looking for a homemade and natural solution, try making your own bug spray with this essential oil recipe! If you opt to enjoy your picnic at a table, you can even bring a citronella candle to keep bugs away while giving your meal a bit of ambience.


3. Refreshing Beverages

Make sure you have lots of refreshing beverages for your party to enjoy. Bring a classic lemonade or spritzer, either homemade or store bought. If you’re having a more adult-oriented picnic, consider bringing a cocktail mix or chilled wine. Learn what wines will pair best with your food, here! And, of course, don’t forget to bring lots of water.


4. Food

Don’t forget the reason for your outing: Food! Fried chicken and sandwiches are by far the most popular among picnic lovers. With the warmer weather, more fresh fruit, like the ever-popular watermelon, will be available in stores and at your local farmer’s markets. Having a variety of chilled vegetables for your party to snack on as well, like celery and cucumbers, or a nice potato salad, will keep everyone full and refreshed. And remember to pack your eating utensils too, or your picnic could get messy fast!


5. Walkers Shortbread Cookies

Our mini bags and snack packs are perfectly packaged for a picnic.  Your guests will love the light and buttery taste and are made with just four basic natural ingredients. Look through our recipes too for treats to make to bring along.


Did you know National Picnic Day is on April 23rd? Pack your baskets and enjoy this Spring weather!

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