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5 Great Things To Do On A Snow Day

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5 Great Things To Do On A Snow Day

It's a snow day!

Try these awesome indoor snow day activities!

Who doesn’t have childhood memories of waiting to hear the announcement that school was closed for snow?!

Even adulting today, there is nothing like waking up to see a blanket of snow outside and realizing you don’t have to leave the house. Of course, you can always enjoy outside snow activities but what do you do when your hands go numb and you’re ready to get back inside to the warmth?


Try these awesome indoor snow day activities:

Binge Watch Your Favorite Show

What is better than spending a day on the couch in your pajamas cuddled up in your best loved comfy blanket watching your favorite show? Just the thought makes me feel cozy all over! And with the binge-watching power of TV streaming services, these adult snow days are even better than as a kid. Need new show suggestions? Here is everything new coming to Netflix this month.

Indulge in A Spa Day

With a snow day excuse for not going out and getting errands done, take the opportunity to spoil yourself. Draw a hot bath, put on a face mask and paint your nails. Try this minty, winter flavored lip scrub too. Maybe even pour yourself a glass of wine to enjoy while you relax. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is if you’re snowed in, right?

Make Hot Cocoa

After spending the morning snowing yourself out and making some awesome snowmen and snow angels, get back inside to defrost.  Get your warm slipper socks on and defrost with some hot cocoa. Spending the snow day with family and friends, use this creamy slow cooker hot cocoa recipe everyone will love. Make it extra special with lots of marshmallows, whipped cream and sprinkles. Click here to read about our other Hot Cocoa ideas, if you find you’ll be making drinks for a crowd!

Enjoy Some Arts and Crafts

Looking for something productive to do on your surprise day off? Go back to your childhood days and enjoy some low-stress arts and crafts. Bring out any paper, paint or crayons you have laying around and make something new.  You can also put those old magazines to work and create a mood board. The best thing about this activity is that, even if you lose power, you can still enjoy yourself and make something beautiful.

Enjoy Walkers Shortbread Cookies

What no prep, no mess, sweet, buttery treat goes along with all these fun snow day activities?  Snack time doesn’t get easier than our ready-made Walkers Shortbread cookies. that everyone can enjoy. You can even mix things up and try one of our chocolate varieties. Or, if you want to get fancy, make one of our delicious dessert recipes, all including our shortbread cookies.


What are some of your favorite lazy, snow day activities? Follow us on Instagram and comment.

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